Saturday, March 9, 2013

Leaping into a New Season!

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves at a *pause* and need a second which is exactly where I found myself. I needed a make-over and quick. I was reverting! Here I had moved into a new neighborhood and kept sneaking into the old one! What do you do when your mind keeps flipping the switch back to an old way of being? Here I was LifeStylin' but I couldn't shake the desire to revert that same-ole-technical-routine-self. Blame it on the lawyers and my legal background! Just joking! I know that I have the full POWER to be exactly what I deem myself to be! The saying says, "If you believe it, you can achieve it." I would like to add "and if you keep saying it, you will keep staying it!"

I worked in law firms for over 15 years and TRUST ME when you work in an corporate office for a long time even your regular, every day, conversations start to sound all technical: "Therefore, I conclude we ought to eat lunch now whereas our intended arrival at the movie theatre before the airing of the previews will still be possible".   My first book had to be re edited so it didn't read like a deposition. Either way, I realized that I had rebuttoned the top button on my collar and my life!

So I decided to take on a new opportunity that would not only add funds to my wonderful bank account, but help to strengthen my interpersonal skills.  It is in Jersey City so for the next few months, I will be commuting between Brooklyn, and New Jersey. It is only about an hour and fifteen minutes which is nothing. I could do that traveling from Brooklyn to the Bronx on a Sunday morning :)  So I get to see the most amazing people, and experience the "crazy" that is a daily commute. I am learning to get excited when I get new challenges because I know that new knowledge is right behind it.

As I prepare for the time to spring forward, I am making a DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME SPRING FORWARD holiday! Who doesn't love a good party? Therefore, I am claiming DSTSF as the day that I LEAP into a new season of my life! What do you think? Are you ready for something new, too? You wanna leap with me?

I am ready...

Let's Go!





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