Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bacon in my Pocket

I went away this weekend with a private group as part of a business collaborative. My job was to life/relationship coach and talk from the perspective of how we see ourselves. Many people don't know that for most of my twenties, I struggled with my weight - at one point tipping the scale at a generous 285 lbs. Even today, I still have to watch if my weight begins to climb.

Experts say when you lose weight to get rid of your old clothes. The last time I dropped like 15 lbs. I did just that! That way, when I can't get into my clothes and have nothing to wear, I have no choice but to get a grip. If we are not careful we will find ourselves going back to what is comfortable.

Truth be told, I am now and always been a foodie. For most of my life up until my early 20s, I was thin.  My favorite thing to do especially when I am away is to eat all the foods I don't regularly eat. That hasn't change.  So back to the retreat---There were some “Cookers!!” I mean, Good Ole’ Throw Down Back Home, Tear-Up-A-Kitchen Cooks! They were throwing DOWN and I was throwing IN! I stayed full. To make matters worse…lol…I found out while on the road that I really like Taco Bell’s Doritos Chicken Tacos.

Anyway, on the way home, we stopped at the bathroom and right next door is Taco Bell. So I decided for my final "hoorah" to make a run for the border. As I reached in my pocket to get money, I was met with an aluminum foil packet full of Turkey bacon. I had forgotten that I stuck it in my pocket in the car because they needed the bag. Laughing hysterically, I turn to my friend and say-"You know you really got 'fat girl' issues when you walking around with turkey bacon in your pocket while you are entering a taco bell. I need help.” We laughed until tears rolled out our eyes. Then I got a weird thought:  Sometimes when you reach, you may find something you least expect. Last week, I reached in my pocket and found $10. The other week, I reached in a pocket and found a pair of earrings.  How great is that! So, this week I am going “Reaching”. I do not mean that I am going to go and raid everything that I own with a pocket. I am going to reach believing that I will find something! Reaching for my dream! Reaching for the unbelievable! Just reaching!  Who knows I might find something that I thought I lost...  or maybe another surprise package of turkey bacon.


  1. Love it....so did you whind up buying the tacos or settle for the healthier snack? Just wondering? B.t.w......I needed this!

    1. I absolutely ate the TACO!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOL I ate the bacon later lol

      Thank you so much King Dvyn!