Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Let's Break Ground

Lately, I have begun thinking of ways to re-build my future. After having a few things in life that did not pan out as expected, I realized that there needed to be a shift. So I began to think of a goal as a “house.” A house is built from the foundation up which are also how goals are achieved. You have to build to achieve your goal. Hard work, perseverance and patience are the basic components of obtaining any goal.

Also, there can be more than one house as we often have more then one goal.  I love playing games that allow you to create your own virtual city.  I can recall smiling when my town prospered and scrambling to fix things when disaster struck. This, again, is like life. When we see things come into fruition, we are excited and happy; but when something goes wrong, we have speed dialed ten friends, five family members, one enemy and a reverend. It is an emergency, and one of them needs to call 911! 

During construction, you will come face to face with many trials and tribulations. Also, not all challenges or obstacles are unseen; sometimes we ignore the signs. There may have been a detour sign twenty miles back but you chose to keep going because you did not see the problem right away.Whether or not it is unexpected, you have to come up with a secondary plan. 

Another challenge you may face in building your "community of goals" is reading the plans correctly. Who wants a house that is improperly put together? Ask yourself, what are you trying to build and are you zoned for this goal?  For example, if you would like to eventually become President,  but you have never done anything in politics, you are a bad decision maker or you have a reputation for being follower, then that may not be in your future. Well, on second thought...

Make sure you have the raw materials you need, as different goals require different materials, i.e., patience, energy, enthusiasm, etc. . Also, you may need to change the programmed train of thought. Programmed thoughts are thoughts that have been told to you by yourself or someone else. They are negative statements that are designed to make you believe you will not meet your goal, i.e. “you are stupid,” “you will never do anything,” etc. Combat those thoughts with affirming statements. Remember that because those programmed thoughts have existed for a long time, it may take some time before they are de-programmed.

Finally, check your surroundings. Your “construction crew” cannot be full of negativity. If places and things in your life become an obstacle then what purpose will that serve. You are trying to build so anything serving as a termite will only tear away at your structure.  Eventually, the house will collapse.

Like building a house, reaching a goal may take time.  However, there is nothing like seeing your achievement come into fruition. All it takes is a dream, proper planning and work. So grab your shovel and let's break ground! 

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